Types of pearl necklaces and pearl strings


This luxurious necklace in Victorian style tightly embraces the neck. It’s usually 30-32 cm (12”) in length, and consists of two or more strings. Ideal piece of pearl jewellery for V-neck or open shoulders tops.

Pearl collar necklace


Classy and chic, this one string pearl necklace fits almost any neck line perfectly well. With standard length of 35-40 cm (16”) , it would complement your everyday outfit, as well as a cocktail dress.

Pearl chocker necklace


Recommended for rounded or raised neck line. Standard length – 42-47 cm (18 “). Due to it’s length and neutral position on the body, it will look very nice with almost any style pendants or charms.

Pearl princess necklace


A great match to business style outfit. Average length – 50-60 cm (24 “)

Pearl matinee necklace


Can be worn as a single row pearl necklace or as a double string pearl choker with it’s length of 70-85 cm (30 “)

Pearl opera necklace


This elegant and sensual necklace was among favourites in fashion queen Coco Chanel’s collections. These necklaces of over 112 cm (45”) in length may have “secret” locks and joints that can easily transform it into shorter versions or even full set – pearl necklace and pearl bracelet all in one.

Pearl rope necklace